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Saddle Bag Collection

The Saddle Bag Collection was inspired from back tags like the ones worn by NFR™ contestants, vintage leather saddle bags, and a leather cow hitch knot. These bags, offer a true elegance of the combination of past and present western attire. Each bag is constructed from genuine leather interior, two matching interior pockets, leather “flap closure” with center accents of authentic Pendleton® wool, Axis Deer, Springbok Antelope, Laura & Kira® serape, other furs and embossed leathers. Additional features include, adjustable crossbody strap (or shoulder if preferred), and a leather cow hitch knot that has a knotted strand of fringe that is beautiful, but functional.

We offer the saddle bag collection in the: clutch, half pint, XLG Sling, Small Hobo, Large Hobo, and Bucket bag.